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Hi, I'm Daffy!

I am a smooth-haired red mini Dachshund and currently a breeding dog!

Meet Me!

Hello, I'm Broady!

No I wasn’t named after the Sheriff in Jaws, but I am a great catch! I’m currently a breeding dog and a proud poppa!

Meet Me!

Hello, I'm Lucy!

I’m a red smooth-haired dachshund and the very first female that my owner has raised!

Meet Me!

Hello, I'm Lola!

I’m a long-haired black & tan 5-year old dachshund!

Meet Me!

Hello, I'm Radar!

I’m CJ Kennel’s one and only piebald breeding dachshund!

Meet Me!

Our Kennel

Our kennel is on our property!

Welcome to CJ Kennel!

Located just north of Nashville, TN, we have been breeding Dachshunds for over 6 years! Our love and passion is deep and our goal is to provide families a beautiful dog to make loving, happy memories! 

AKC Registered Breeder

We’re a proud American Kennel Club registered breeder that is committed to our breeding program and registering all our litters with AKC.

On-Site Kennel

Our newly-built kennel is located right on our property and has been built with plenty of room for each of our moms, dads, and puppies!

Raised with Love

We love Dachshunds and it shows! We provide all of our dogs with the love that they deserve to prepare their delivery to you!

Our Breeding Dogs

We are proud to present our breeding dogs - learn more!